The Trust Imperative

As humans we evolved to respond to cues in our environment about what was safe and what was not.  Online, it’s not so simple.

Cybercriminals are exploiting this gap in our behavioural defences to slip through.  These days it’s getting harder to tell the difference between legitimate and malicious.  And the consequences of a single breach can be extremely serious.

Icon Cyber’s approach may seem a little different from one dimensional solutions which still dominate the landscape.  Our holistic approach to cyber protection goes way beyond the norm.

We are combining deep insights into human behaviour with appropriate and affordable technology solutions. We then underwrite it with a safety net that protects participants from just about every cyber breach you can think of.   And a lot that you can’t even begin to imagine.

The result?  A comprehensive approach that positions our clients and their supply chain in the centre of the circle of trust. Helping our clients know who, when and how to trust is at the core of our enterprise. We hope you’ll make it the core of yours.

The Three Elements of Security

When it comes to managing cyber risk, you need to consider your People, Processes and Technology.

National and international cyber risk standards and norms — some of which we actually helped write — have long recognised these three areas of vulnerability.

Icon Cyber can help with practical measures to reduce your exposure. The unique combination of state of the art adaptive technologies + training for behaviour change + the world’s best cyber risk insurance forms a virtuous circle.

Applied in concert, they move you into the safety zone.  You’re no longer a soft target. But as an additional assurance, you have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered financially. Further, the free incident response and remediation service will limit loss and permit resumption of normal activities in the shortest possible time.

We didn’t choose to live in times of heightened risk.  But we can choose to be prepared and protected.