Every employee and contractor with a device and a connection is now a potential threat to your business continuity. Inserting a single USB device on any computer on any part of your network can leave the door open to infiltration. Plugging in a phone to a computer to charge it. Opening an email personally addressed to the recipient. All vectors of infection. The ‘low-and-slow’ stealth infection can sit dormant for months tracking passwords and the movement of documents. A major ransom demand presents the nightmare compliance scenario. Do we pay the criminals to get back online, or do we resist and risk huge losses?

These scenarios are not science fiction, nor Hollywood hyperbole. They’re a fact of modern business life. How do responsible boards prepare? What guidance do they follow when there are so few precedents and the consequences of mishandling are so fraught with risk? There is no crisis playbook in many cases. We need to fix that.

Icon Cyber is focussed on:

  • Informing teams on the latest threat developments
  • Assisting senior executives and boards to manage their response to serious cyber incidents, including public relations, law enforcement cooperation, compliance and stakeholder updates
  • Via our technology partners, providing a rapid remediation and restoration of data, and prevention strategies against future attacks
  • Instilling a culture of cyber security right through your organisation by whole-of-staff training and building a cyber-aware, cyber-prepared mentality
  • Developing and explaining forensic guidelines and internal vulnerability tracking to locate and identify any internal leakage of sensitive or proprietary information which could be costing your business its competitive advantage.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs. Become armed with protocols and a clear understanding on how to act should the worst happen to you.  This is not about fear. This is about a realistic assessment of your attack status, and empowering you with the means to survive it.