COVID-19 Training

Rapid Escalation of Cyber Preparedness for Home-Based Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant rolling out organisation-wide remote working in a very short time. Management should now be acutely aware of an elevated cyber risk due to the unprecedented scale and speed of workforce transformation.

Since the COVID-19 confinement period began:

  1. Attack methods have rapidly adapted
  2. The attack rate has amplified, and
  3. Criminal organisations are specifically targeting employees who may have little experience with remote working.

Your people may be using unsecured or shared devices on unsecured networks, or face a raft of other so far unidentified threats. In most cases, they are now sitting outside your security perimeter. Despite the increased novelty, frequency and severity of attacks, much of the damage is preventable if steps are taken now to shore up the human factor cyber weaknesses which are typically the first point of entry for attackers.


Consistent, informed behaviour is the key

Before you consider imposing a standard cyber awareness raising training program, we’d ask you to consider something that’s been authoritatively developed with the current crisis in mind. This calls for something more specialised, more current and behaviourally based. Why behaviourally based? Because it’s the behaviour that’s being exploited here, not the lack of awareness.

Trusted cyber industry leader, Peter Coroneos has compiled a series of 10 engaging and effective training modules to rapidly bring your remote workers up to speed on the risks they face working from home.

This 15-minute-per-day, fast track program will equip them with behaviourally based responses to limit the threats to both themselves and your organisation.

“Unless it’s behaviourally based, don’t waste your time. We have a limited window here to equip our teams with information on the latest attack types to particularly watch out for. Let’s give your people some effective and easy to apply strategies to make sure the confinement period remains secure as well as productive. As a bonus, their own personal security risks will reduce – so we’re leveraging self interest to benefit the collective.”

Learner dashboards show individual and team progress



About the Training Series

The 10 podcasts are accompanied by easy-to-follow schematics and self-test modules. The entire program is designed to take just 15 minutes per day over a two-week period.

By the way, we don’t expect your team to become technical experts. It’s precisely because they aren’t that this series exists. While the key learnings are certainly not obvious, they’re not hard to understand either.

It’s more a matter of shining some light on those reflexive or instinctive behaviours. Once people develop a heightened sensitivity to the threats and come to appreciate the consequences – the cause and the effect – only then does the behaviour change. And if you wonder why the behaviour hasn’t changed until now, it’s down to a dozen or so basic human flaws – the very ones the bad guys understand intimately and exploit so well.


Universal device access with full reporting and full accountability

The modules can be accessed by your team members on any device, mobile or fixed. They are designed to work in low bandwidth environments and come with assessment and accountability trackers so you can tell where your team are up to within the training schedule.  They are customisable with your organisation’s branding to create an integrated addition to your current training regime.

Clear, highly user-friendly format
Responsive design – looks great on all devices











  • Each organisation will receive daily summary reports on participation and completion
  • You will have full control over enrolment, tracking and reminders
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.  You can also count this course towards continuous workplace training goals and key employee performance targets.
  • Participants are able to self test to monitor their progress and can re-test as often as they need to gain mastery over the content.

Subjects that are covered in the course:

  • Into the mind of an attacker – what motivates them and are their actions purely monetary?
  • What human weaknesses do adversaries seek to exploit?
  • Video conferencing best practice – choose the right options
  • How else can home based workers lower their exposure to attackers?
  • New safer methods of password management that will also simplify your life
  • What has changed in the last 20 years which has raised cybersecurity to the forefront of commercial threats (ranked by the World Economic Forum as a top organisational priority)
  • What 5 core practical measures should home based workers be focusing on right now?
  • What variations to traditional phishing campaigns should we be on the lookout for? With a 600% increase in COVID19 phishing emails since February, the odds just tilted 6 times in favour of the bad guys who are constantly probing your weak points.
  • What new direction are attacks taking during the current COVID19 isolation and containment period?

The bad guys are working overtime to exploit the weaknesses in your defences. Let’s make sure the human factors are well managed.

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