Cyber risk insurance

As part of our integrated approach to cyber security, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading cyber risk underwriters to give you unprecedented cover in the event of a cyber breach. The cover is backed by Lloyd’s of London so you’re getting blue chip protection at a very affordable price. We have persuaded the underwriter that clients of Icon Cyber, particularly those utilising our other services, deserve special treatment.

Not all policies are the same

Unlike other policies in the market, the policy we are authorised to offer you comes without exclusions so you won’t get caught out in the fine print in the event of a claim.

We are happy to evaluate your existing policy to tell you whether you are currently exposed. There’s nothing worse than paying premium for a policy that won’t come to your rescue when you most need it.

You are covered up to the limit of your policy for external attacks, loss of data, business interruption, compliance liability and breaches caused by insider threats, staff mistake, social engineering, email spoofing, invoice interception giving rise to fraud, and just about everything else you can think of.

In addition, we are able to negotiate lower premiums for you depending on the risk reduction measures you undertake, including staff training and advanced security services. Since these all lower your risk exposure it seems only fair that your premium should reflect the lower likelihood and impact of a cyber attack.

Free technical help when you need it most

Finally, in the event of a breach, the policy will provide for free mitigation and remediation by specialists based in Australia. There is no extra charge for this service, it is provided as part of the cover.

All this adds up to peace of mind. Combined with our other complementary solutions it means that even if the worst should happen, you know you are protected as can be.

They thought their existing cover was adequate.
It took a breach to show them it wasn’t.

Expedited cover

We can fast track your insurance cover if you complete and send us the attached Proposal Form. We can provide you with a quote generally within 24 hours and activate your protection as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.

Alternatively, our specialist cyber risk broker will call you for an obligation free insurance chat if you send us the following details

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