IoT Security

Board and Executive Leadership Training

Managing Directorial Liability through Education

August 2021 Release 

Provider: Icon Cyber
Presenter: Peter Coroneos

This timely and authoritative program has been developed in response to 

  • demand from the rapidly evolving IoT sector
  • the heightened cyber risk threat environment; and 
  • the Australian government’s regulatory response including national security imperatives.

Program objectives

The course aims to raise awareness and initiate behavioural change at the leadership level for organisations involved in the IoT sector, both at the supply and demand side. It will support governance and compliance priorities and mitigate directorial liability. Most importantly, through adherence to the clearly articulated best practice recommendations, it will help reduce the ‘attack surface’ of the organisation resulting from poorly managed people, processes and IoT technologies themselves. 

Program elements and delivery 

The course consists of 5 mandatory modules (with an optional 6th module on a guidance for boards on responding to ransomware demands). 

Each module is self paced, requiring approximately 15 minutes including reading, audio/video content and concept assessment. The modules are mastery based, progress requires sequential completion of each module. 

The program is delivered by remote learning from any device from any location and is capped by a 1.5 hour live online consolidation session with the program leader, once all participants have completed the modules. 

Course progress is mapped through a reporting feature available to the nominated in-house coordinator which automatically tracks individual completion status and optional reminders to ensure the program compliance is achieved within the agreed timeframe. 

Alternatively, the course is offered in its entirety by live webinar over 2.5 hours. 


  1. History of IoT and OT devices
  2. Evolution of the threat environment — criminal and national state attackers… their methods and motivations 
  3. Critical infrastructure protection— the new 2021 regulatory environment 
  4. Governance, risk and compliance considerations 
  5. 8 core IoT risk mitigations and best practice recommendations
  6. Bonus module: Guidance on responding to ransomware and extortion attacks 

Icon Cyber also offers bespoke consulting on managing IoT risk and risk assessments generally including gap analysis through to full cyber risk audits to AS ISO/IEC 27001 or NIST standards and/or ISM and Essential Eight for government entities. We also offer a competitive, Lloyds backed cyber risk insurance option for eligible entities.

Please contact us for details of these options or to inquire about the IoT security training

About the presenter

Twice invited to the White House to brief Obama Administration cybersecurity leadership, Peter Coroneos is an internationally recognised authority on cyber policy, an Internet industry leader and an activist and policy innovator. He led the development of icode, an industry-wide botnet mitigation program developed while he was head of Australia’s Internet Industry Association. The voluntary scheme saw widespread industry uptake in Australia covering 92% of Internet users and was later adapted by the US telecommunications industry for the benefit of approximately 276 million US internet users. 

Peter co-founded Icon Cyber in 2017 with technology industry veteran and former Australian Information Industry Association chairman, Peter Kazacos OAM, to bring best cyber practice to Australian organisations. 

Peter also serves as International Vice President and APAC Regional Head of the global, Paris based not-for-profit, Cybersecurity Advisors Network. 

In 2018, he released the authoritative guide, The Cyber Breach Communication Playbook see